The application of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in the aesthetic practice is wide extended in this field, and its uses for the skin rejuvenation treatment is because the PRP therapy may induce the rejuvenating skin by stimulating the fibroblast in the production of collagen, elastin, reticular fibers and ground substance, and playing a significant role in the biology of healing for its wound healing ability. Esthetician and Medical Esthetician as part of the aesthetic team should be prepared to contribute in the application of this procedure.

Estheticians need a phlebotomy certification to collect and processing a blood sample to follow the steps in order to apply a platelet rich plasma therapy as part of the facial skin rejuvenation treatment. The phlebotomy certification offering by Florida Medical College give you the opportunity to become a National Phlebotomy Esthetician certificated, and develop and improve your knowledge and skill in the Phlebotomy field.

As a Phlebotomy Esthetician you may draw blood from your clients and process the blood to follow the step to the application for platelet rich plasma (PRP) among other activities which phlebotomy technician may perform, such as:

  • Draw blood from patients and blood donors.
  • Evaluate patients’ ability to withstand procedure.
  • Explain blood-drawing procedure to patients and answer questions.
  • Perform basic point of care testing, such as blood glucose levels.
  • Prepare blood, urine and other specimens for testing.
  • Verify patient/donor identity.
  • Maintain medical equipment such as needles, test tubes and blood vial.

The course of Phlebotomy for Esthetician at Florida Medical College offers the opportunity to learn venipuncture and micro collection techniques in a safe setting and receive a special preparation for the National Phlebotomy Certification Exam.


  • High school graduate, or possess a GED (or equivalent)
  • Diploma or licensed as Esthetician, Facial Specialist or Skin Care
  • 30 hours of healthcare worker basic or proof of knowledge of HIV/AIDS, OSHA or certification from any relative course.
  • Participants may apply for this requirement at Florida Medical College.

Certification course of Phlebotomy for Esthetician  Phlebotomy Esthetician