Course Description

Pharmacy Management

The Pharmacy Management Program participants end up as pharmacy technicians with  associate degrees in science along with knowledge and skills in the management of pharmacy work. Being an action where patient care is a priority, Pharmacy Management includes the education of the patient in relation to understanding the doctor’s prescription, as well as compliance with the frequency and the schedule in which the medication should be administered. Another aspect of the technician's work that is  included in the Pharmacy Management Program is leadership and consists of the ability of the graduate in cooperate with the financial management of the company and in compliance with government regulations.

Course Description

Become a Pharmacy Licensed Technician

At Florida Medical College, the requirements to obtain an Associate Degree in Pharmacy Management and graduate as a pharmaceutical technician are to achieve 101 credit hours after 1320 clock hours. This course includes a basic module in order to complete with the general education requirement established for an Associate Degree. These module courses are common for all associate degree programs and includes: College Algebra, English Composition, Communication Skills, Human Biology, Health Care Worker Basic.

As a complement to those students whose thirst for improvement and greatness makes them want to work in the research field, there is an option to certify as a clinical research coordinator, which allows them to  work in the clinical site as Pharmacy Technician CRC.

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