The use of PDO thread lift in facial aesthetics helps eliminate flaccidity and, although its most important use is on the face, it is also used in other areas but with discrete results. The use of threads made of polydioxanone (PDO) produces a tension effect that occurs when the threads inserted in the dermis cause a local reaction with the lifting of the skin, with mechanical effects to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen through cell renewal and neovascularization that help reduce or eliminate wrinkles and fine lines and improve the elasticity and texture of the skin. There are several types of threads that are offered in the market and are used for this procedure.

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School offers the PDO Threads Lift Course in Miami with 8 hours of lecture classes and 4 hours of hands-on, where the participant will apply the knowledge acquired during the classes. It is aimed at medical professionals who wish to venture into the aesthetic medical field, and who have prior knowledge in this area.

The insertion in the skin of the stretches of the thread is a medical procedure that consists of a surgery and can be associated with unwanted side effects, such as infections and rupture of the thread, which require mastery of the anatomy of the skin and especially in the area . where the insertion will be made. In addition to the handling of local reaction and possible complications, among other problems that may arise. Due to all this, this procedure must be done by a licensed professional.

In the course that we offer, the techniques of application of the tensor yarns, the selection of the patient and the dermal reaction that occurs from the insertion of these threads are taught. The different types of threads that exist in the market, their characteristics, as well as their use and execution techniques are explained. The application of tension wires in aesthetics is a medical procedure, so the professional must have the credentials or the corresponding medical license for the administration of this type of treatment. In the state of Florida, an active license of MD, DO, nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA) is required. Applicants for the course in other areas should review the regulations in this regard. In this course we only accept MD, ARNP, and aesthetic personnel with the corresponding credentials.