This preparatory course is tailored for licensed and registered nurses who wish to explore the field of dermatology and are planning to apply for national certification as Dermatology Nurse. A Dermatology nurse is a registered nurse (Rn) specializing in the managing and care of dermatology disorders. They work in the Dermatologic clinics or cosmetic dermatology setting and have an end goal of certification from the Dermatology Nurse Association. Requiring having worked for two years in a dermatologist’s office, nurses will be prepared to endure the challenges in the establishment they end up working at. Overall, the curriculum of the nursing dermatology course includes the main knowledge and necessary skills to begin in any dermatologic clinic or related activity, meaning all our students will be more than ready to start working after completion of the course.

Florida Medical College has prepared introductory course to train a registered nurse with the basic elements to understand the variety disorders and diseases and the expectation of the clients in dermatology office. Because of the soliciting of graduates that School is receiving from different type of Dermatology services, we have also developed a cosmetic dermatology complementary preparation course in order that the participants can apply for a license in skin care to improve the aesthetic activity during their trainer before acquiring the National Nurse Dermatology certification.

Procedures of the skin care, chemicals peel, and others are part of the duties of the Dermatology nurse and it will part of the questionnaire of examination for the national certification. The eligibility requirements to apply for the Dermatology Nurse Certified exam candidates have to hold an active license as register nurse as least for two years and 2,000 hours of work experience in dermatology practices. The nursing dermatology course has been prepared to teach the students the basic knowledge and skill to be prepared participants to develop an excellent work in those two years of dermatology clinic experience

As part of their duties that nursing dermatology can develop during the two years training as part of requirements for the National Certification the following items are included in the curriculum of the Nursing Dermatology preparation course:

  1. – Office Skills and management operating system
  2. Anatomy and histology of the Skin
  3. Primary and Secondary lesions of the Skin
  4. Epidemiology of the infections of the skin 
  5. Wound Healing Process: Wound and ulcers.
  6. Skin Disorders
    1. Papulosquamous disorders
    2. Pigmentation disorders and vascular lesions
    3. Disorders of hair and Nails
    4. Urticarias, Erythemas & Purpuras 
  7. Skin Disease
    1. Melanoma
    2. Adnexal disease 
    3. Other
  8. Dermatological procedures in offices setting
    1. Skin Tag removal
    2. Biopsy
    3. Other

At the end of the course an examination on computer based should be take and pass by the participants to obtain the Diploma of completion.

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