Medical Esthetician Course

This is a training certification course for those who wants to acquire more knowledge in the skin care treatment. This course consist in 60 hours of advance esthetic for esthetician that is working in the aesthetic field and. It also includes special training to graduate the beautician as a phlebotomy technician with the ability to obtain platelet rich plasma or fibrinogen from the blood sample taken from the client and apply it to the skin.

Medical Esthetician

The term medical esthetician it’s a controversial term and could be confusing to the client because it can create false expectations about the type of professional qualification of the beautician, but as a simple concept the medical esthetician is the professional that in compliance with Florida State Regulations carrier active license of Facial Specialist and has been certified in Phlebotomy to perform treatment and procedures related with these certifications. After a 60 hours of advance dermato-cosmetic training course, these professionals may work in the medical care providing skin care treatment and some medical procedures for which the medical esthetician has been prepared. 

Become a Medical Esthetician at Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School, the new name of Florida Medical College, in the certification course that prepares professionals to provide skin care treatments and medical care services. At the end of the course participants may help patients with skin aging signs, some skin conditions, undesirable hair, and may work  as part of the team of plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatologist or any other practitioner in the medical and aesthetic field. 

Why Become a Medical Esthetician?

Florida Medical College has developed the Medical Esthetician certification course as result of the demand existing on cosmetic surgery Clinics, medical spa, dermatology clinics and some units where the medical and aesthetic practices are offering. These centers require a licensed esthetician with a high level of knowledge in the field of aesthetics, and with in-depth training in the management and care of clients' skin.

Once the course is finished, participants will be prepared to identify the characteristics of the signs of aging and will be able to determine the procedures to apply to clients according to their needs.
On the other hand, students will be prepared to understand the new technology introduced in the field of aesthetics and can select when to use these technologies according to the characteristics of the clients.

About the Medical Esthetician Course

Those with an aesthetic license who want to increase their knowledge in skin care and feel a true passion to help people who seek to improve their appearance, and require intensive care of their skin, this course offers them the necessary tools to provide this kind of specialized services. The program of this course required some steps to obtain the certification after an intensive preparation in advanced esthetic. If participants are obtained some of this certification previously, participants may access directly to the medical esthetician course, otherwise the School offers this previuos programs and certifications.(Skin Care Program and Phlebomy National Certificacion)


1.- Be licensed Esthetician (Facial Specialist).

2.- Certification as Phlebotomy Technician.

Applicants who need to complete one or more requirements may apply at Florida Medical College for the appropriate course to qualify and may enroll in the medical esthetician certification course.

Medical Esthetician Certification is a proof of your professionalism and knowledgeable in the medical and esthetic field and give the graduate more opportunities to work helping Aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dermatologist and other physicians dedicated to the practices of Aesthetic Medicine performing multiples procedures at MedSpa, Clinics, Aesthetic practices among others.  

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