Medical Assistant Specialties

Examination Preparation Courses

Discover opportunities as a Medical Assistant specialized and how you can growth with our examination preparation courses to become a specialized Medical Assistant. These courses are part of the exam preparation to obtain a National Certification in different categories and become a specialized Medical Assistant.

Medical Assistant Specialties

Welcome to Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School which provides comprehensive examination preparation courses for medical assistants seeking specialization and certification in various healthcare specialties. We are committed to helping students excel in their careers and achieve their professional goals.

Medical Assistant specialties offer the exam preparation course in which our school has experienced excellent results in the exam process of our students, and most of them are developing their careers with great professionals successfully.

Medical Assistant Specialties Courses

Our medical assistant specialties courses are designed to prepare students for certification exams offered by reputable associations, ensuring that they are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their chosen specialty.

Medical assistants can pursue specialty certifications or acquire additional training in specific areas of healthcare to enhance their skills and expand their career options. Specializing in a particular area allows medical assistants to develop expertise, enhance their value in the job market, and potentially open up new career opportunities. We offer examination preparation courses for those medical assistant seeking a specialty.

Dermatology Specialty with Another Association: We also offer a specialized examination preparation course for medical assistants interested in pursuing a career in dermatology. This course focuses on dermatology-specific procedures, common skin conditions, dermatological terminology, and other essential knowledge areas. Through our comprehensive curriculum and hands-on training, students gain the expertise needed to excel in dermatology settings and successfully pass the certification exam provided by the respective association.

Certified Laser Professional Exam for Electrologist License: As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive training, we offer a unique course that prepares students to become Certified Laser Professionals. This course is designed for medical assistants who wish to enhance their skill set by obtaining an electrologist license and specializing in laser procedures. Our training encompasses laser safety, hair removal techniques, skin rejuvenation, and the necessary knowledge to excel in the field. Students are thoroughly prepared to pass the Certified Laser Professional Exam, unlocking new opportunities in the aesthetics industry.

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant with the National Healthcare Association (NHA): One of our flagship programs is the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant course, aligned with the certification exam offered by the National Healthcare Association (NHA). 

This course covers a wide range of clinical skills and knowledge required for medical assistants working in diverse healthcare settings. We provide in-depth training on vital signs, medical procedures, patient care, pharmacology, and more, ensuring that students are thoroughly prepared to pass the NHA certification exam.


Medical Assistant Specialties prepare student, with examination preparation course to apply for the exam of the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

Discover new carrer opportunities

Specialized medical assistant examination preparation courses helps participanst to be prepared to apply for the national certification in different specialties. Medical El asistente médico puede realizar tareas clínicas especializadas en un área específica de medicina o práctica estética, según la especialidad que seleccione, pero debe estar certificado por una organización nacional. Esta organización requiere que el solicitante pase el examen de certificación para obtener la calificación que demuestre sus conocimientos y habilidades en la especialidad. Our school can help the Medical assistant in their national preparation examination.

Make the difference shows a greater knowledge and develop your talent with a specialization in the medical or aesthetic field.

Medical Assistant Dermatology Training

Medical Assistant Dermatology

Dermatology clinics require a staff specialized in skin due to the work organization and the characteristics of the treatments and services they perform. We are offering a Examination preparation course to prepare you for the National Certification examination as Medical Assistant Dermatology. A degree is required as a medical assistant from a licensed school.

Body Therapy and Massage

Medical Assistant Certified Laser Professional

The Certified Medical Assistant Laser Professional is a Medical Assistant AS, who carrier an active electrolysis license and has been trained to perform non-ablative laser treatments under the supervision of a physician. To be a certified laser hair removal professional, you must be certified in laser hair removal and pass the exam with SCMHR. We can assist you in preparing for this national certification.

Icon Medical Assistant Aesthetic

Medical Assistant Aesthetician

The Medical Assistant Aesthetician has an important roll in the Medical Spa, aesthetic and dermatological clinics due to the skills and knowledge they possess. Applicants for this workshop advance aesthetic require an activa license of Facial Specialist and be Certified as Medical Assistant to apply for Certification with a National recognized organization

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Certified Medical Assistant CCMA

A growing number of medical institutions are requesting presentation of a national certification in addition to the credentials and degrees obtained in a School licensed by Education. The National Health Care Association (NHA) allows you to apply for a National Exam Certification as a Certified Medical Assistant, we can help you prepare to pass this exam. Be Graduate as a Medical Assistant is required

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Clinical Research Coordinator

The Medical Assistant specialized in clinical research can be part of the clinical site's staff because they have the knowledges in the medical field and manage some health technologies in addition to how to administer medications in medical care. This examination preparation course helps the participant to be prepared for the exam by SOCRA or ACRP

Icon X Ray 2

Basic X ray machine Operator

Radiographic studies are necessary in medical clinics, and qualified medical assistants as basic X-ray technicians are very useful in medical and orthopedic clinics. Applicants must be graduate as Medical Assistant and show the official transcripts that include Xray clases as required by the law. This exam preparation course helps Florida X-ray machine operator license applicants prepare to pass the Board exam

Do you want to become a medical Assistant

Are you someone who aspires to specialize in one of the medical assistant specialties mentioned above? 

If so, you may be interested in obtaining certification through the respective agencies dedicated to certifying these specialties. At Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School, we offer a comprehensive Medical Assistant Associate Degree program. Through our program, you can earn an Associate Degree in Medical Assistant Science, which serves as a strong foundation for pursuing your desired specialty. 

Our program provides in-depth training, hands-on experience, and valuable knowledge in various medical assisting areas. Whether you’re interested in dermatology, clinical medical assisting, becoming a certified laser professional, or other specialties, our program equips you with the skills and credentials necessary to succeed. Join us at Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School to embark on a fulfilling journey toward a specialized career as a Medical Assistant.