Medical Assistant Dermatology

Medical Assistant Dermatology

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School has a special Certification program for those Medical Assistants who want to obtain a Medical Assistant Dermatology National Certification.

A specialized medical assistant is a health professional with multiple skills who specializes in procedures that are commonly performed in the outpatient medical care setting but related to a specific specialty. This course prepares participants to work in the Dermatology clinic or any Dermatology Services

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School (FMAIS), new name of Florida Medical College, offers Medical Assistant Associate Degree Program, approved by the Commission for Independent of Education in Florida, for those who wish to become a Medical Assistant dermatology that do not have the Associate Degree in Medical Assistant yet.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to work in Dermatology practices, Medical Spa or in any medical practices that offers dermatology or cosmetic dermatology services. For those who wants to perform laser procedures electrolysis license i required. Ours school is offering both program Electrolysis and Laser and Medical Assistant Associate in Science and graduate can apply for National Certification and become a Certified Medical Assistant Dermatology.

Medical Assistant Program Description Courses in Miami

Medical Assistant Dermatology Certification

The training course will prepare and educate students on everyday situations as well as introduce them to all the new developing technologies in Dermatology clinics. The Medical Assistant Dermatology certification was designed for those students with a passion in patient care involving skin problems or dermatological conditions.

A Medical Assistant Dermatology may perform diverse tasks & operate medical equipment in the practice as well. Most equipment requires certain knowledge and skills in the medical field and the aesthetic practice. The Medical Assistant Dermatology requires special training to be in compliance with all requirements and regulations in Dermatology Clinics.

If you are Medical Assistant and want to become a Medical Assistant Dermatology to work at a Dermatology Clinic, Medical Spa or at any medical aesthetic practice, Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School is offering a training course in Miami to acquire the skill and knowledge to perform the procedures and all activities needed and according with you scope. This course prepares participants to apply for the National Certification as Medical Assistant Dermatology and obtain  satisfactory results.

The training to become a Medical Assistant Dermatology include medical terminology concerning around dermatology and esthetic, as well developing skill and use of medical instrumental, supplies and equipment into the practices, and preparing patients or clients for different procedures or laboratory test.

Laser Hair Removal certification could be part of the scope of a medical assistant dermatology because it is a common procedure into the medical spa or derma-esthetic practice, but as the State of Florida this certification require active license of Electrolysis, Laser certification is offering as separate course.

To obtain the qualification in laser, if the Medical Assistant Dermatology intended to work in Florida is required to pass a board exam from Electrolysis Council and get the laser certification.


Course Requirements

1. - Medical Assistant Associate Degree

Credits are accepted from other schools with prior evaluation. Our Associate Degree program requires 91 credit hours. Applicants at any international school must submit translated and certified documents at a recognized institution. International medical graduates (IMG) are accepted to participate in the Certification Program.

Electrolysis and Laser

If applicants from the State of Florida want to practice laser as part of their certification must be applied for Electrolysis and Laser course.To perform laser hair removal the Medical Assistant Dermatology needs an active electrolysis license in Florida, participants from any other States or countries should review regulations about the use of laser in their respective areas. Medical Assistant  from other states is accepted. Students who are pursuing an Medical Assistant  Program from another school may participate but must present a Diploma of graduation to obtain the Certification as a Medical Assistant Dermatology.

Program breakdown of Medical Assistant Dermatology

Program breakdown of Medical Assistant Dermatology Hours
Terminology and Morphology of Skin Lesions. 2
Chart documentation. 2
Histology and Physiology of the skin. 4
Dermatology physical exam. 4
Diseases of the skin. 18
Diagnostic test for Skin disorders. 4
Pharmacology. 12
Electronical Medical Records (EMR) and Coding. 10
Aesthetic Dermatology. 4
Total Clock Hours 60


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Get Laser Certification

The Medical Assistant specialized in Dermatology after obtaining laser certification can perform other laser procedures under the supervision of the dermatologist.

Laser hair removal is part of the services offered in several dermatologist offices, in addition to other non-ablative laser procedures that the medical assistant can perform under the direct supervision of the licensed dermatologist. Electrolysis license is required in Florida to perform laser hair removal, for those medical assistant that want to get this certification.

Applicants with Certificate

In addition to our Basic Medical Assistant Program, we also offer an option for those who wish to participate in the medical Assistant Dermatology Certification but do not have a Medical Assistant Associate Degree to obtain the Associate Degree in Science the accomplish with the general reqyuiremes and credits of our approved Medical Assistant Program
Applicants who have certificates of Medical Assistant will only need the 60-hour Dermatology Certification course as well as pass the national certification exam to become a Medical Assistant Dermatology.

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