Laser Hair Removal Certification Course

 Laser Hair Removal Certification training course in 30 Hours.

Laser Course

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School is a licensed school by the Commission for Independent Education in Florida. We are an approve provider for 30 hours training course for laser and light based hair removal or reduction by Electrolysis Council in Florida.

Laser Hair Removal Certification training course of 30 hours is teaching in both language Spanish or English class. This course is suitable for all aesthetic professionals or those who want to include laser procedures in their practice to expand their service in the aesthetic field.


To become a certified laser hair removal, each candidate must complete some requirements according to rules and regulations where candidates will perform laser.

In the case of the state of Florida this course is for those licensed professionals who want to perform laser hair removal or any laser using non-ablative procedure such as PA (physician assistant), ARNP (Nurse Practitioner), MD (Licensed Physician), DO (Osteopathic doctor) to become a properly training practitioner in compliance with Florida Law.

Laser Course Certification

Our Laser Training Center is open to enroll health care professionals and Aesthetic Professionals into short-term courses (30 hours) that will enhance the knowledge of our students with the latest technology in Laser Hair Removal.


What Our Students say

Ainsley Spencer

As business owner of MDDermis Beauty ans Spa Equipment. I always recommend this school to all my clients. You will receive training from professional with a lot experience in the area. They are very helpful and full qualified. Lennis Denis

Ainsley Spencer Goog

I went to Florida Medical College and the experience was excellent in all the course that i did the The lesson plan was structured to meet all my needs and this enables me to be certified to deliver the best treatment in a safe and …More

Pierina Montano Pierina Montano

I am fascinated by the quality of teachers that this school has, they are all professionals with many years of experience, here I passed my course for laser license and as a skin specialist, in addition to Phlebotomy and Mediacal Assistant …More


- Laser and Light Based Hair Removal Training Course

- Be equipped with the knowledga and training to work on clients seeking hair reduction.

- Be trained to perform Laser Safety.

- Acquire the knowledge and the necessary skills to perform Laser Hair Removal.

- Certification and Diploma issued upon completion of the program

- Treatment Parameter Selection

- Receive didactic materials prepared for this course and the information needed to make correct decisions when purchasing a Laser machine.

- Treatment Protocols

- Risks of the Treatment

- Patient Selection Criteria

Who can take this course

Our Laser Training is open to enroll health care professionals and Aesthetic Professionals into short-term courses (30 hours) that will enhance the knowledge of our students with the latest technology in Laser Hair Removal. 

Laser Certification Course for Non-Florida Resident

If you live outside Florida you can take this course. Always check your State, city and country regulations. 


In the State of Florida are allowed to perform laser and light-based hair removal only if they have active Electrolysis license, and have been certified as CME by the Society of Clinical & Medical Hair Removal, Inc. (SCMHR) and also have been trained in Laser Hair Removal or graduate from a combined program that includes laser hair removal as part of its curriculum.

Nurse Practitioner Aesthetic Laser Certification Program

This is a course that prepare the new graduate or those who wants to become an aesthetic laser professional with the knowledges and techniques to work in the aesthetic field and feel confident in the use of laser and light based technologies in the aesthetic practice. This program includes laser hair removal, laser veins removal, laser for skin rejuvenation and the use of intense pulsed light in order to prepare the new graduates and become them in nursing properly trained professional

Physician Assistant (PA) in the State of Florida 

Laser “may be done at the supervisory physician’s discretion, utilize light-based or laser hair removal equipment under “indirect supervision.” The provisions of Section 458.348(3) or 459.025(2), Florida Statutes, do not apply to services rendered by a physician assistant who has not been properly trained and qualified to utilize laser and light-based hair removal equipment and delegated the task of providing such service as long as the delegated task is within the scope of the supervising physician’s practice. FLA. STAT. ANN. §.458.348(3)”.