The Electrolysis and Laser Course

Become an Electrologist and Laser Tech at Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School (FLMAIS), the new name of Florida Medical College. Our Electrologist Program prepares the students to permanently remove the unwanted hair using electrolysis machine or laser devices for permanent hair reduction.

Electrolysis Program the course for electrolysis and laser certification in Miami at Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School

Electolysis Program

Electrolysis program that is a common name of the Electrology Program is an approved course by the Commission for Independent Education and Electrolysis Council in Florida that combined Electrolysis with Laser Hair Removal.

Students in the practice of Laser (hands-on)

Electrolysis Program. Course Outline

The Electrolysis Program is completed in 320 hours divided into 120 theoretical hours and 200 practical hours. This Program is designed to prepare students to work as licensed electrologist in Florida with the qualification as Board Certified Profesional Electrologist and Laser technician 

 The anatomy of the skin and hair, the components of the endocrine, nervous and circulatory systems are important topics for students to learn. Bacteriology and sanitation, business management, and Florida laws are other aspects included in the Electrolysis program curriculum. 

In addition, the professional aspects of the consultation and clinical application of electrolysis modalities and laser hair removal protocols are topics that are part of the outline course.

Because a new class starts every Monday, applicants can start every week. For those who want to become laser technicians, they will need to enroll in this program the week before the Monday they want to start.
Those who want to enroll in the Electrology Program can apply in person, online or by email. Classes are offered in the morning and evening.

Laser Hair Removal Program Overview

The Electrolysis Program has included a special part of Laser Hair Removal that includes the knowledge and skills necessary to perform laser hair removal safely and with good results. Major topics in this program include laser physics, tissue interaction, laser protocols, laser safety, and practices to develop the skills necessary to use the laser devices.

Laser hair removal tech is an electrologist board certified profesional specializing in laser hair removal procedures commonly performed in laser center, medical spa or ambulatory health care setting. Our student’s goals are to become not only a professional in the health care services, but a renown professional in the latest aesthetic technology.

The Electrolysis Program

The medical electrolysis procedure is the only recognized method for permanent hair removal. It is the only method approved by the FDA. Electrolysis involves the application of electricity through a sterile probe (a very fine needle) to cause a chemical or thermal reaction to destroy the hair follicle. 

Although most people prefer to use of laser for permanent hair reduction, some parts of the body cannot be laser treated and some hair types cannot be laser treated either, such as gray or blonde hair that requires the use of electrolysis for permanent removal.

Electrology program the electrolysis and laser course in Miami at Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School


Course Requirements

Graduates from de electrolysis program  in FLMAIS, also have opportunities to work in Medical spas and dermatology offices among others. In as little as 2 months if you take full time course or between three(3) to six(6) months if you apply for partial time.

To enroll in this Program you need :

  • High School Diploma and
  • Be More than 18 years old.

Electrolysis and laser program is complying with current regulation for Electrolysis School in Florida.

Electrology Program

The Electrolysis and Laser Program consists of:

  • 120 hours of academic instructions 
  • 200 hours of clinical applications

The duration of the program is a total of 320 clock hours of instruction in electrolysis and laser hair removal. There is an exam after each class and a midterm exam when the theory part is finished.

The program also includes a clinical application exam (practical exam) and a final exam is required to obtain the Diploma Certificate. The electrologist graduate is elegible to apply for the board of electrolysis exam and must pass the board exam to apply for the electrolysis license in Florida.

Our School has more than 95% of students approved by the Board on the first intention of the Board exam and 99.5% on the second intention in the last 12 years.

Where to work as Electrologist and Laser Technician

A graduate from E;ectrolysis Program as a certified professional electrologist (CPE) and laser hair removal technician can perform laser hair removal under the direct supervision of a Medical Director in Florida. Laser hair removal is one of the most requested services by the population and this service is widely offered in medical spas, aesthetic clinics and dermatology clinics, among others. On the other hand, the graduate as a professional electrologist can also dedicate himself exclusively to offer permanent hair removal only by electrolysis and open his/her own business when applying for the license of the Electrolysis Facility in the State of Florida. Most of our graduates are working in aesthetic practices although some of them continued studying to become laser or aesthetic professionals.