Become a Licensed Laser Technician

Florida Medical College is now offering evening class of Electrolysis & Laser Diploma/Certificate Program. Electrolysis and Laser is a 320 hours course, 120 hours is a lecture class and 200 hours of them are practical. At the end of the course graduate should to apply for a board certification exam to be licensed in Florida. 

Laser hair removal is one of the most expanded services requested by the population and a large part of aesthetic practice offers these services, but a  license is required to perform this service in Florida. According with the law regulation only MD, ARNP, PA and electrologist can do laser in the State of Florida. 

Electrology Program

Our new Electrology program has included laser certification as part of the curriculum of Electrolysis course, and graduates can begin to work in aesthetic practice once they obtain the license after pass a board exam from the Florida Electrolysis Council. The school reaches more than 98% of graduates on the board in its first performance with a good rating. 

By starting this course we hope to give more people interested in expanding in their field a chance to attend our courses and successfully complete. At Florida Medical College Electrolysis and laser class is starting every week from  Monday through Thursday with lectures and practice class  from 6pm to 10pm.

Course Description