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Becoming an Electrologist and Laser Technician at Florida Medical College has never been easier! Our Electrology Program offers students all the preparation they need to remove unwanted hair, and operate  an electrolysis machine or laser devices for permanent hair reduction. Students who graduate from Florida Medical College will be more than ready to ace the Florida Board exam, ultimately providing them with a  Florida License as Electrologist.

Electrolysis and Laser 

Complying with current regulation for Electrolysis Schools in Florida, the Electrolysis and laser program  aids Students from other schools or graduates in esthetic or medical fields in acquiring the Laser Hair Removal 30 hours Certification from our approved Laser Training Center of Florida Medical College


Electrolysis is a process in which direct electrical current is used to produce a chemical reaction, which creates a process we can use for permanent hair removal. At Florida Medical College we're training students to practice electrical depilation, to perform electrolysis as a permanent hair removal method, consequentially training them into a  professional Electrologist.

Graduated as Electrologist.

Apply for Licensure by Examination.
Certified as Clinical Electrologist CCE.
Certified as Medical Electrologist. CME Electrologist are allowed to perform laser and light-based hair removal in the State of Florida only if they have completed the requirements expressed in the Rule 64B8-52.004, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.). Once you have completed the Electrolysis Program, a diploma will be awarded upon graduation and you will be prepared to apply for a required license to practice Electrolysis in this State of Florida. We will prepare you for the Certified Clinical Electrologist exam and Certified Medical Electrologist exam. As part of our program, we help our students to apply and fill the application for the licensure examination, which must be received before the application deadline, 120 days prior to the examination date. For graduated Florida Medical College students, or those who have completed the Laser Hair Removal Certification course, the College provides special board exam review course similar to the CCE and the CME exams. 

Since there are new rules for Combined Electrolysis Program graduates, these electrologists only need to pass the board examination, due to laser hair removal being included in the Electrology Program. For more information about the new Electrolysis and Laser Program, please click on the following link

 Florida Medical College is licensed by The Commission for Independent of Education in Florida and it is one of the approved training schools by the Electrolysis Council in the State of Florida. The Electrolysis and Laser Program consists of 120 hours of academic instructions and 200 hours of clinical applications for a total of 320 clock hours of instruction in Electrology. An electrologist is one of the only licensed professionals who may perform laser in Florida among others like a Medical Doctor, Physician Assistant, and a Nurse Practitioner. Electrology students must complete the electrolysis module, pass the Electrolysis board, complete 30 hours of Laser Hair Removal in an approved school and obtain the Certified Medical Electrolysis Certification in order to complete all requirements and be a Laser Hair Removal Professional in Florida.To practice Laser Hair Removal in the State of Florida, there are a few steps you have to complete unless you are  MD, DO, ARNP or PA with active license:

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