Electrology Program

Electrology Program

Combining Electrolysis and Laser in one Course

Welcome to Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School, a school licensed by the Commission for Independent of Education in Florida and an educational provider from the Electrolysis Council.

We offer Electrology Program in two modalities: in Person and Online.

Online use an hybrid modalities that means 12o hors theory online and practices hours at the school facility.

Electrology Program

Electrology Program is a 320 hours course required to obtain a license in Florida for hair removal using a laser device or electrolysis machine. In this course, participants learn the method for permanent hair removal by working with an electrolysis machine or producing permanent hair reduction by performing laser hair removal. 

In our Electrolysis and Laser course, a combined electrolysis program, students will learn about the science of hair removal and prepare to develop hair removal skills with electrolysis modalities and laser hair removal modalities through practice in our electrolysis facility. and medical spa. During the course, students must pass each chapter, midterm, and final exam, including a practical exam.

At the end of the course graduate must pass with satisfactory results the examination Board to obtain the license as electrologist in Florida.Our School offers our students a preparation course for the Board exam with excellent results. We have achieved over 90% success on the first try and 98% on all other attempts so far.

Course Requirements

Course detail

Electrology Program
Theory 120 hours & Practice lab 200 hours

Online and In-Person Classes

The Electrology program consists of academic instructions and clinical applications of the electrolysis modalities. 

Students learn the principles and basis of electricity, epilator functions and adjustment, laser and light-based hair removal physics, safety and precautions, Biology of Hair Growth, Anatomy, Physiology, and pathology.

Students will learn to analyze skin and distinguish different skin types along with the effects of temporary hair removal and Bacteriology, Sanitation, and Sterilization issues. Students will perform various clinical services under the direct supervision of the instructor.

This Electrology Program is delivery in two modalities. In-Person at the School campus and by hybrid modality. Theory (120 hours) can be in person or Hybrid through Online System with live lectures and classes. 

Laboratory and practical activities (200 hours) will be delivered on campus. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a diploma.

Virtual Classes

Hibrid Program at Florida medical & Aesthetic International School

Theory hours


Time to Complete

320 hours

How to take Classes

Modalities of Electrology Program

Traditional Onsite

Theory: 100 % on campus

Lab: 100% on campus (Electrolysis Facility). Include Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal 



Theory: online with the Virtual Modality

Lab: 100% on campus (Electrolysis Facility). Include Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal 


Curso de Electrólisis clases online y presencial en el Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School

Electrolysis & Laser Practice

Students in Practices hours

Hybrid Program At Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School teaching eletrology Program

Virtual Classes

Online 120 hours.

Hybrid Program with a digital library for electrology students

Educational Resources

Virtual class and Online resources

Diploma Courses : Electrolysis Laser Licence

Laser theory and practice

Practice hours with laser machine.

Class Schedule

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School offers Electrolysis and Laser Class sixteen hours a week, from Monday to Saturday in different sessions:

  • Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 1 pm.
  • Monday to Thursday from 5 pm  to 9 pm
  • Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Course Description

Developing Character, Talents and Gifts

The two modalities of the Electrolysis and Laser courses, presential and Online, have the same content and the following course description includes online and in-person. Students to apply to the Hybrid Electrology Program must meet the system requirements. 

Virtual Classes will be offered using the Zoom Platform and, for online resources, the Moodle Platform.

Theoretical classes

Students will study of the awareness and precautions regarding the prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission and other blood borne pathogens (10 Clock Hours).

This course explores the basic concepts of electrology including the types of currently used procedures for temporary hair removal and the three modalities (Galvanic, Thermolysis and Blend) for electrology and how they work, development of hair removal techniques in ancient and present times (15 Clock Hours).

This course introduces students to the sources and types of electricity, the types of electrology equipment and safety precautions for the Electrologist. Additionally, students will be trained in the basic chemistry and the effects of chemicals on the skin and epilator function and adjustments (5 Clock Hours).

Students will learn about electromagnetic spectrum and the property of light, details characteristic of laser light, laser concept, laser physic and laser action. Laser and light-based devices terminology. Laser interaction, chromophores absorption and selective photothermolysis (5 Clock Hours).

This course includes types of laser hazards, laser safety standards and hazard classification, laser class, classification: control measures, laser protective eyewear requirements and general recommendation in laser hair removal (5 Clock Hours).

Theoretical classes

Students will learn the structure and function of the skin and appendages relating to electrology, and histology of the follicle and associated organs (6 Clock Hours).

Students will be instructed in the primary function of the vascular and circulatory systems in the maintenance of good health. Students will learn the nervous system to understand the effects of the electrology treatments(6 Clock Hours).

Students will learn the glands, and which cause excess hair growth, types of glandular disease, and the effects of hormonal changes on hair growth (6 Clock Hours).

This course details the biological makeup of hair follicles and their development. Students will explore dermatology and skin condition and disorders. Students will learn to recognize the disorders and apply appropriate treatment techniques (10 Clock Hours).

Students will learn to analyze skin and distinguish different skin types along with the effects of temporary hair removal to assess correct treatment procedures and machine settings (20 Clock Hours).


Students are instructed in the rules and regulations set by the State of Florida and the other governing bodies including electrolysis standards, training, and licensure (5 Clock Hours).

Students will learn different types of bacteria and bacterial growth and symptoms of bacterial infections. They will explore the function of the autoclave, type of disinfectant agents used in Electrology, and the precautions related to sterilization and sanitation (7 Clock Hours).

Students will be introduced to the requirements and regulations for starting and/or managing an Electrology clinic. Professional ethics and integrity are discussed, and regulations and office procedures are reviewed (5 Clock Hours).

Theory & practice

This course teaches students the professional aspects of personal and phone consultations including assessment, appropriate questions to ask, relaxing atmosphere, and the overall comfort of the client (20 Clock Hours).

Students will practice practical application of all subjects taught and perform various clinical services under the direct supervision of the instructor (200 Clock Hours).                

  • Coordination Skills with Probe Holder and Forceps (05 Clock Hours)
  • Insertions (15 Clock Hours)
  • Sanitation / Sterilization procedures (10 Clock Hours)
  • Hands on equipment Instruction (Laser and Light-Based) 15 Clock Hours
  • Hands on equipment Instruction (Thermolysis) 10 Clock Hours
  • Hands on equipment Instruction (Blend and Galvanic) 10 Clock Hours
  • Client Pre/Post treatment (10 Clock Hours)
  • Client Assessment          (15 Clock Hours)
  • General Treatment Procedures (80 Clock Hours)
  • Consultations (15 Clock Hours)

This is our support to our graduated students to be passing the Florida Board of Electrolysis. This courses is for all our students in Electrology Program and students enrolled in Board Review examination preparation courses. It is an optional training space also for other students who want to participate in our online training.

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