Virtual Library

Virtual Library

Virtual Library is provided by the Library and Information Resources Network (LIRN). LIRN offers access to various online resources such as journals, books, and other materials that access multiple research databases through one portal. Active students and those recently enrolled through this page can access the educational resources platform and the Virtual Library.

Students can request help through an easy-to-use pop-up question form on LIRNPortal. Access credentials are delivered at the time of registration. If you have difficulty accessing, you should contact the Admission Department at 305-417-8316. You can communicate by text at 786-808-1437 (text only).

The Virtual Library LIRN is a comprehensive online resource that provides access to a wide range of educational materials, including full-text articles, news releases, book chapters, encyclopedias, e-books, audio, and video resource

The collection within LIRN offers millions of peer-reviewed and full-text journal articles, magazines, newspapers, e-books, podcasts, and audio resources to support academic research and learning


Please contact the Admissions Department if you did not receive your access credential when your enrollment was accepted. They will provide you with the information necessary to access and use LIRN resources.

The LIRNPortal serves as the gateway for students, faculty, and library staff to access LIRN subscription resources. It allows secure connection to library resources and offers a list of available online resources with brief descriptions, searchable alphabetically, by subject, or by content provider

Library and Information Resources Network LIRN

On the LIRN gateway menu, there is a search box that allows each students to directly querry across vendors using our federated search service

virtual Library at Florida medical & Aesthetic international School in Miami

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We are a licensed school in Florida and a board-approved provider of the programs we offer, with a higher first-time board exam pass rate.

All students in programs requiring Board exams have the opportunity to receive assistance and tutoring in preparation courses for the respective exam.

High satisfactory results rate in board exams in Massage Therapy, Electrolysis, and National exams of Medical Assistant

We offer course face to face and hybrid programs that have theory online and practice in-person

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Virtual Library at Florida medical & Aesthetic international School in Miami