Current Students

Current Students

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Students must use the credentials received from admission Department to access any of these resources: Virtual Library or The Educational resource from the program enrolled. 

If you do not already have your credentials, you must contact the Admissions Department to obtain them. The credentials to access the Virtual Library are different from those of the Educational Resources platform.

Current Students is the access for enrolled students to the platform of educational resources and Virtual Library. Virtual Library is provided by the Library and Information Resources Network (LIRN). LIRN offers access to diverse resources online as journals, magazines, books and other resources access multiple research databases through one portal. Students can request help through a user-friendly pop-up question form on the LIRNPortal.

Our Educational Resources Platform is available to students enrolled in one of the School’s programs. Through Current Students button students will receive access using their credentials given during the registration process. Some programs have access to different topics according with their curriculum

Through your personal credentials you can access different areas by clicking on one of the button, on the current students page, to access at your educational program where you can find study guides, articles for each chapter, and different power points presentation. In addition you can take quizzes and exams. On these platforms there are also some resources for students enrolled in exam preparation courses to successfully pass the Board exam.

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