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Current Students

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Students must use the credentials received from admission Department to access any of these resources: Virtual Library or The Educational resource from the program enrolled. 

If you do not already have your credentials, you must contact the Admissions Department to obtain them. The credentials to access the Virtual Library are different from those of the Educational Resources platform.

Current Students is the access for enrolled students to the platform of educational resources and Virtual Library. Virtual Library is provided by the Library and Information Resources Network (LIRN). LIRN offers access to diverse resources online as journals, magazines, books and other resources access multiple research databases through one portal. Students can request help through a user-friendly pop-up question form on the LIRNPortal.

Our Educational Resources Platform is available to students enrolled in one of the School’s programs. Through Current Students button students will receive access using their credentials given during the registration process. Some programs have access to different topics according with their curriculum

Through your personal credentials you can access different areas by clicking on one of the button, on the current students page, to access at your educational program where you can find study guides, articles for each chapter, and different power points presentation. In addition you can take quizzes and exams. On these platforms there are also some resources for students enrolled in exam preparation courses to successfully pass the Board exam.

Current Students gives the access the students to educational resources platform and Virtual Library

What is the use of Curren Students for?

The “Current Students” section on the website of Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School serves as a gateway for enrolled students to access various educational resources and the Virtual Library provided by the Library and Information Resources Network (LIRN). 

This section allows students to access resources specific to their program, such as study guides, articles, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, exams, and other educational materials. Additionally, students can use this platform to access different areas related to their educational program, enabling them to enhance their learning experience and prepare for success in their courses and exams

Technical Issues

Technical issues can pose significant challenges to accessing educational platforms, potentially disrupting the learning experience. Here are some common technical issues that learners and facilitators may face:

  • Poor Internet Connection: Slow or unreliable internet speeds can prevent users from accessing the educational platform smoothly.

  • Login Errors: Difficulties in logging into the educational platform can prevent studetns from accessing their courses or completing assignments.

  • Compatibility Issues: Students may find that their devices or browsers are not compatible with certain educational platforms, requiring them to use alternative methods or devices.

  • Audio or Video Issues: Problems with audio or video playback can make it difficult for students to attend live webinars or watch instructional videos

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Current Students the webpage to access educational resources and virtual library of Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School

What is a Virtual Library?

A virtual library, often also called a digital or online library, is a collection of resources available on the internet or a digital environment. Unlike traditional libraries with physical books and materials, virtual libraries provide access to digital copies such as e-books, academic papers, journals, databases, and other digital media.

Virtual libraries can be accessed from anywhere at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. This makes it convenient for users to access information without the need to physically visit a library.

They often host a vast amount of content that might be difficult or impossible to find in a local library. This includes rare books, documents, and international works.

What is Educational resources ?

Educational resources are materials, tools, and content used to support learning and teaching. They play a crucial role in both formal education settings like schools and universities, and informal learning environments.
This platform that includes educational articles, PowerPoint presentations, and exams and quizzes involves considering a range of features and functionalities designed to support teaching and learning.
These resources are designed to stimulate critical thinking, enhance understanding, and promote a love for learning through interactive activities and multimedia experiences. They are particularly useful for supplementing classroom learning, especially in areas where additional support may be needed.
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