Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School offers the chair massage course. This course also known as express massage, is aimed at preparing massage therapists, using the ergonomic chair, to provide massage service in work centers, shopping centers, schools and places where people who need to relieve their tension in a way fast and without having to take off your clothes or go to a spa or clinic. The application of this type of technique in workplaces increases productivity and decreases tensions, since stimulating the production of endorphins generates relief and good mood.

The course trains the masseuse both in the benefits of this type of massage and in the application of the correct technique according to the characteristics and complaints of the patient. Among the main aspects includes anatomy, identification of the client’s problems, use and adjustment of the chair, work posture, application techniques and massage in different areas, as well as recommendations to the client and the types of contraindications. It also includes ethical aspects and elements necessary for advertising, sales and business management that includes the types of chairs, average costs and other resources.

The chair massage course in Miami includes teaching and practical application of techniques such as Shiatsu. This type of therapy is highly versatile, does not need tools, oils or utensils except the hands of the massage professional and an ergonomic chair. This type of massage has the advantage that acts on the client on a physical, mental and emotional level. At the end of the course the teacher will make a practical evaluation to each of the participants.