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Certified Clinical Medical  Assistant is the rating earned when participants achieve satisfactory results on this exam with the National Healthcare Association.

Graduating with a Medical Assistant Associate Degree from the Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School can apply for this exam.

Our Program includes Phlebotomy, Electrocardiography, X Ray and Billing and Coding among other important and necessary topics include in the scope of medical assistant in Florida.

What is a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant.

The certified clinical medical assistant (CCMA) is a versatile health professional with credentials that accredit a high level of preparation to carry out a set of activities aimed at helping in the prevention and treatment of diseases and to cooperate with multiple administrative and service tasks in the health system to care for the health of patients under the direct supervision and responsibility of a licensed physician.

Graduates from Medical & Aesthetic International School have an associate degree in science that prepares them with greater experience and general knowledge to responsibly and correctly perform all the tasks that comprise the field of medical assistance established in the scope of medical assistant in the State of Florida. .


Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

This Certification is offered by the National Healthcare Association, and students who graduate from Florida Medical & Aesthetic International may apply for the national certification exam to become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA). If you graduate from a technical program and desire to become an Associate Degree in Science as Medical Assistant, you can present your credit from your graduate school and take the required credit you have pending.

The Scope of the Medical Assistant in Florida includes several activities that graduates can perform and even can specialized in each one of them such as Phlebotomy, Electrocardiographic, Billing and Coding, and the practice in they can perform dialysis procedures, including home dialysis. The Medical Assistant program at Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School cover all of these topics.

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Participants in this Program obtain the Associate Degree Diploma when reach 91 credit with satisfactory results in their career.

The Medical Assistant Associate Degree Program requires 91 credits that participants can earn in less than one year. The difference of our program with respect to others is that our program includes the knowledge and skill in the most varied activities necessary for a versatile medical assistant to work in clinics, hospitals, aesthetic institutions or any healthcare service institution.

At Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School, we also prepare graduates to pass the Physician Assistant field exam with satisfactory results. The Certified Clinical Medical Assistant is the first step to advancing in another medical and aesthetic specialization. The school offers different examination preparation courses for our graduates, including X-Ray Basic technician, Medical Assistant Dermatology, and Medical Assistant Laser Professional.

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International Medical Graduate

International Medical Graduates and other graduated professionals such as Dentists, Nurses and other allied professionals can apply for this program after evaluating their credits and Diplomas.

International Medical Graduate (IMG) is also known as foreign medical graduate, can apply for this national certification after completing the requirements of the Associate Degree Program. Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School offers an approved Program for Medical Assistants. Credits can be applied when prospective students present their official transcripts and diplomas for their respective medical schools.

For more information about the credits required and the content of the Medical Assistant Program of Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School, please click on the following link.