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Aesthetic Body Treatment Specialist


This course prepares participants to become an expert in the aesthetic body treatment, learning the latest non-invasive body contouring techniques and dealing with different procedures and protocols to improve the appearance of cellulite and help to reduce stubborn fat. Cellulite control and reshaping is a great demand on the medical Spa, Medical Center and other Aesthetic practice, by people looking for a true body treatment that may be performed by a specialized professional to help them change the undesirable shape or struggling to get rid of cellulite.  

Although there area multiples advanced technique in the body treatment areas to perform a non invasive treatment, the application to the newest technique are teaching separately in diverse courses. This course integrate the advance of technology in the aesthetic body treatment field, in one career with the knowledge in nutrition, procedures and maneuvers of esthetic massage, with those factors related with the causes that affect the shape of the body and the texture and appearance of the skin.

Moreover the aesthetic body treatment certification course gives the opportunity to all participants to learn different techniques and cosmeceutical products, device, instruments or equipment to deal with different body treatments to accomplish shape and skin’s improvements.

To Become and an expert in non invaisve aesthetic body treatment procedures participants will learn about the histology and Physiology of he skin, characteristics of Endocrine systmen and other body system related with the integumentary system. Radiofrequency and Cavitation, lymphatic drenaige, aesthetic massage, the use of vendages and other procedures will recieve as part of the instructive and practical methods.



Body Treatment Certification Course in Miami Florida Medical College