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Certification Courses for Medical Assistant in our examination preparation courses at Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School

Enhance your career with our "Medical & Aesthetic Courses

Enhance your career by applying for national certification and prepare with our examination preparation courses that will advance your career to the next level. In these certification courses, you can improve your knowledge and personal skills in diverse areas such as Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Management, Massage Therapy, and Skin Care. 

Florida Medial & Aesthetic International School is focusing in the  medical and aesthetics field. We are authorized provider by Pharmacy Technician Certification (PTCB) and also recognized proctor by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

Medical Assistant Examination preparation Courses

Pharmacy Technician Certification Course
Examination Preparation courses

Massage Therapy Board preparation Exam & Certification Curses

Certification Courses for Medical Assistant 

Certification courses for medical assistants in our Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School exam preparation courses. If you are a medical assistant and want to advance your career by specializing in a specific area of ​​the medical assistant field, we can help you with our exam preparation courses.

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School can prepare a Medical Assistant to do well on national certification exams to become a Phlebotomy Medical Assistant or Electrocardiography Technician or prepare them for certification exams in Billing and Coding, Administrative Medical Assistant, Medical Assistant of Dermatology, among others. Specializations.

available courses


Medical Assistant can obtain a national certification s Phlebotomy with NHA and we can prepare you for this examination

This is a national certification that medical assistants can earn with the NHA after passing the exam.

A medical assistant specializing in EKG performance requires a national exam, and we can help with our preparation course.

Medical Assistant Dermatology

This certification is for those that desire to work in a dermatology clinic or work in the aesthetic dermatology practice

Medical Assistant
billing & Coding

Medical Assistants require further preparation that they receive in a regular course to pass the certification exam.

Clinical Research Coordinator

CRC requires special preparation to comply with all tasks and regulations established by the IRB and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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Teaching Methods

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Most of our courses are face-to-face in small groups in the classrooms of our school.


Some courses are in the hybrid method through virtual classes and in-present during practice hours


Most of our courses are required practice hours in our labs, in a clinic or a medical spa

Other Seminars & workshops

Innovation that excites

Those Medical Assistant working in the aesthetic units or medical clinics can participate in some workshop we offer related with this field. 

These workshops including radiofrequency and cavitation, body wrapping, ow level laser therapy, 

Therapeutic laser training. Man receiving physiotherapy laser treatment in clinic
Body Wrapping course a training workshop for a body treatment specialist
Radiofrequency and Cavitation course
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