Florida Medical College is offering a body wrapping certification course approved by the Board of Cosmetology in Florida. At the end of the course, the graduate will receive a Body Wrapping Certification Diploma by Florida Medical College and may register their license as Body Wrapper Specialist in the Department of Business and Profesional Regulation in the State of Florida (DBPR).

Body Wrapping is a body treatment procedure that is offering as a service in most of the Spa and aesthetic centers. Body wrapping is the first treatment to begin any body condition related to the skin, like cellulite reduction or body contour. The patient would be firmly wrapped with plastic wrap or bandages to cause vasodilation (the dilatation and relaxation of the blood vessels to allow for increased blood flow) and in some case rapidly drop off the extra pounds. But the principal function of the Body Wrapping technique is skin body detoxify. 

The patient’s body would be cleansed and exfoliated first, to remove any layers of dead skin cells. Then the body would be covered in a layer of body mask. There are various different types of body masks – such as seaweed, algae, clay, mud, or lotion, depending on the specific treatment. After the body mask is applied, the patient’s body is wrapped for about 20 minutes to keep the body and skin warm. Once the body wrap is removed, the mask is washed off and the treatment is finished with an application of moisturizer or lotion. Body wraps can also be referred to as body cocoons or body disguises.

This course prepares the participants in the selection of the clients, clients preparation, the materials o products to apply and the steps of body wrapping technique. Participants also will receive general knowledge about the anatomy of the skin, the mechanism of lymphatic drainage. The curriculum of the course also includes the 12 hours required by Florida Law with the following topics:

  • Sanitation and Sterilization
  • Skin Disease
  • Florida Law

Classically body wrap sessions initiate with an exfoliation of the skin using a salt scrub (which is a mixture of sea salt and oils rubbed on the body) or dry brushing (which involves brushing the body with a body brush that has natural bristles). The patient then lays down on whatever it is they will be wrapped in, which is usually a form of plastic but sometimes it can be towels or sheets. Some therapists will include a bit of massage in the treatment as they apply the body mask to the body. To perform a complete body treatment a Body wrapper specialist should carrier another type of licenses in the State of Florida.

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