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Medical Assistant Basic X-ray technician

The certified medical assistant licensed as a basic X-ray machine operator is a specialized medical assistant with radiography skills who holds an active X-ray license and has been trained to perform limited general diagnostic radiographic procedures.

A specialized medical assistant is a multi-skilled healthcare professional who specializes in procedures that are commonly performed in the outpatient setting and are related to a specific specialty and medical assistant radiographer is one of them.

If you want to become a specialized Medical Assistant in X-ray and you desire to obtain the license in Florida as a basic X-ray machine operator, this course is for you. We can prepare you to successfully pass the Board exam if you meet the State of Florida Basic X-ray License Application requirement from the Board

What is this Course?

Basic X Ray Technician Certificate .This course is an examination  preparation course that allows the medical assistant and other technicians who are in compliance with the requirements to obtain a license as a Basic X-ray Machine Operator in Florida. This course provides students comprehensive instruction to be prepared to pass the Board exam for operating radiographic equipment as basic x-ray technician.

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School (FMAIS), offers a Medical Assistant Associate Degree Program, approved by the Commission for Independent of Education in Florida, and as part of this program there is a module that provides students comprehensive instruction to prepare for entry-level employment primarily in a doctor’s office operating radiographic equipment.

This certification allows the medical assistant to obtain a license as a Basic X-ray Machine Operator after completing the certification course and pass all examination requirements. Medical assistants who work in orthopedic clinics, chiropractic institution or those centers dedicated to treating people with injuries due to some type of accident requires a radiographic evaluation of the physicians, orthopedist or chiropractors to define the severity of the injuries. These X-ray test allow to identify the existence of fractures and in the case of chiropractors facilitates the application of the alignment techniques. 

This is a course where the participant prepares to operate X-ray equipment and to obtain satisfactory results in the state examination to achieve the license of Basic Operator in X-Ray in the State of Florida.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at those who receive a certification as Medical Assistant, X-Ray technician or those that want to begin a carrier in the healthcare system providing basic x-ray service, working in the medical or chiropractic community. In Florida is requires a license to practice X-ray. Ours school is offering a Medical Assistant Program that include a module of X-ray to provide the services as a basic X-ray machine operator in the medical and chiropractic services. Graduate can apply for license examination in Florida and in this course we prepare participants with the knowledge and skills to pass satisfactory the examination board for the license in Florida.

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Course Requirements

Medical Assistant Associate Degree

Applicants that are not medical assistant yet, but desire to become a licensed Basic X-ray machine operator can enroll in our medical Assistant Associate Degree Program and participate in this course.  Our Associate Degree program requires 91 credit hours. Students from other school can apply, credits are accepted with prior evaluation.

Applicants at any international school must submit translated and certified documents at a recognized institution. International medical graduates (IMG) are accepted to participate in the Certification Program. Foreign physician specialized in X-Ray without license in Florida can apply for both the Medical Assistant AS Program and Examination Preparation Course. We accepted the 75% of their credits.

 Basic X-ray Machine Operator

Medical Assistants graduate from other school or states are accepted. Applicants from the State of Florida graduate as a Medical Assistant  can participate previos presentation of their transcripts and Diploma. Students graduate from the school with the Basic X-Ray Technician program can participate. Transcript and Diploma presentation is required.

Applicants graduate as Medical Assistant and want to apply for the X-Ray Machine Operator license but they didn’t receive the X-Ray class in their previous program may complete the pending credits through our Medical Assistant Associate Degree program. Official Transcript is required. 

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant X-ray Technician

The basic operator of an X-ray machine can perform limited general diagnostic radiological procedures under the direct supervision and control of a licensed professional to provide patient care.

The average annual  salary of the medical assistant radiologic also known as medical assistant x-ray technician according to the salary.com is $36,144.00. At Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School our graduate as Certified Clinical Medical Assistant can licensed in the State of Florida as Medical Assistant Basic X-ray Technician.  

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Practice makes perfect

We know that the only way you really understand a subject is to practice it in a real environment. That is why we have established  practices in a medical clinic with X-ray department  to learn how to operate the X-ray machine.

Applicants with Certificate

Professionals with the knowledge and experience in operating x-ray equipment from other countries and without a license in the State of Florida can take this course if they wish to obtain this type of license in Florida. The Medical Chiropractor Assistants (Certified Chiropractor Physician Assistant – CCPA) who do not have this certification can choose this course which will allow you to perform a greater number of services in clinics or consultations where they work

In addition to our Basic Programs, we also offer an option for those who wish to participate in this certification but don’t  meet the requirements of medical assistant with associate’s degree or x-ray classes
Applicants who have certificates of medical assistant with the requirements to apply for the Board examination license will only need the 60-hour course to be prepared as Medical Assistant Specialized in Basic X-ray Machine operator.

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