Aesthetic Laser Training

The Aesthetic Training and Science of Laser

Aesthetic training workshop in Miami is a training course for those who wants to introduce in their practice the use of Laser and light based devices for aesthetic treatment and therapeutic treatment for some skin disorders.

This training include laser hair removal certification approved by the electrolysis Council as part of the Board of Medicine in Florida

The use of laser in skin rejuvenation, veins removal and other aesthetic laser technique is teaching and include the use in aesthetic of the Intense Pulsed Light

Aesthetic Laser .

The Aesthetic laser workshop is for those who seek to branch out into the aesthetic field and perfect the essential skill of aesthetic laser. Lasers is a widely used procedure that is offered in most medical and aesthetic centers. Moreover, Laser hair removal, the use of lasers for skin rejuvenation and laser for vein removal, are non-ablative treatments that when at the hands of a professional, clients rarely face minimal risk. Although the treatment of nail fungus is a therapeutic procedure, it is also one of the most popular in medical and aesthetic centers, including  Medical Spas.

This course includes common laser procedures used in aesthetic practice and, after a week of lectures and practices, participants will have received the knowledge and skills necessary to master the field of laser aesthetics. Prospective students from Florida should have active licenses of MD, ARNP, and/or  PA. Participants from other states or countries should review regulations about the use of laser in your areas.

Aesthetic Laser Training Content:

. – Laser Hair Removal,

. – Laser Skin Rejuvenation,

. – Laser Vein Removal

. – Laser Nail Fungus

At the end of the training participants:

.- Be qualified to perform laser with knowledge in the selection of treatment parameters, patient selection criteria, contraindications and risks of laser treatment, as well as treatments with laser protocols included in this aesthetic laser course for beginners.

.- Be equipped with the ability to work on clients seeking a more form of hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, facial veins removal and nail fungus therapy.

.- Be trained to perform Laser Safety.


If you are a Florida resident and wish to participate in this training, you must have an active MD, DO, APRN, or PA license. If you are an applicant from another State or country, we recommend that you consult the regulations on the use of lasers in the place where you intend to work.


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