Medical Aesthetic Courses

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These courses are not designed or intended to qualify participants and graduates for employment. They are courses intended for exam preparation or avocational studies to increase your knowledge or skill, and  personal enrichment or for enjoyment of its participants. If you don't have a license or credentials for related courses here and want to join the field of aesthetics, select one of the following Programs to learn how to get started. These courses are grouped by profession and require an active license or previous experience. Applicants from other countries or states should check local regulations.


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Body Wrapping

Medical  Esthetician

Medical Assistant Esthetician



Chemical Peel

Plasma Pen Fibroblast

Phlebotomy for Esthetician

Skin Rejuvenation Techniques

Eyelash Extension



IPL for Esthetician

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Botulinum Toxin Cosmetic Application

Dermal Filler

Facial Aesthetic  Procedures

Cosmetic Laser

PDO Thread Training

Chemical Peel


Platelet Rich Plasma

Skin Tag Removal

Microneedling (Skin Pen)

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Radiofrequency & Cavitation

Dermatology Nurse

Nursing Esthetician

Aesthetic Micropigmentation

Body Wrapping


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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Low Level Laser Therapy

Laser Nail Fungus Therapy

Laser Veins Removal

Aesthetic Laser

Combined Laser

Laser Properly Training for Medical Director

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