In this section we are included the approved Programs offering by Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School such as Associate Degree programs and Diploma/Certificate courses. Moreover we have included those courses that improve the knowledge and skill of graduates based on the latest technologies and new devices introduced in the medical and aesthetic fields. In addition, there are several courses that, after obtaining the diploma or certification, can be used to apply for a license in the state of Florida, such as the body wrap course that facilitates the registration of the body wrap license in the state of Florida. 


Performing laser hair removal or aesthetics services require MD, ARNP or PA licenses or graduate of one of these courses to apply for the license in FL

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degree programs

The Degree Programs raise the professional level of the participant and make it more competitive by being a graduate of Higher Education

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certification course

Continuing education and training courses for technicians and professionals are included in addition to other courses to obtain the license in FL.

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admission & enroll

Admission requirements at Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School 
among others are: 
.- More than 18 years.
. - High School Diploma.   Choose your Program

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