Academic programs

Academic Program
Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School

Welcome to Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School. Create your future by selecting the Program for you. Our licensed school in Florida offers Diplomas and College Programs. College Programs require credits that students must reach to graduate in any of them.

Diploma or Certificate Programs are shorter courses and all graduates from our school can apply for the respective license in Florida. Some of our Programs have the option for National Certification and any of our graduates can apply for this examination.

The School helps students and graduates prepare for the board exam and national certification, as applicable, through exam preparation courses. Students or graduates from other schools are accepted in these preparation courses or seminars.

Academic Programs

The Academic Programs at Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School is structured with three Associate Degree college programs and two Certification or Diploma Programs. All of these programs are approved by the Commission for Independent of Education in Florida and for the respective Florida Boards.

Both Programs Associate and Diploma Program are composed with theory and practice classes. The theory is face-to-face except in the Electrology Program, in which students have the option of applying to a Hybrid Program that is composed of a theoretical class in the virtual or online and practical class modality. The rest of the programs are taught in person in both theoretical and practical classes.

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School

Diploma Programs and
Associate Degree Programs.

At Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School  we specialize in providing comprehensive education in the medical and aesthetic fields and in management related to these areas. To explore the different programs available, select the ones that interest you and begin your journey towards a fulfilling career in these exciting industries. Apply now and take the first step toward achieving your professional goals!

Academic Program

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School is a licensed school in Florida by the Commission for Independent Education and is an approved provider by the following Boards in Florida:

    1. Cosmetology Board
    2. Board of Massage
    3. Board of Pharmacy
    4. Electrolysis Council

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Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School.
Florida Medical And Aesthetic International School

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The graduates of the School also have the opportunity to request National Certification from different Organizations. We also have available exam preparation courses that are carried out as part of the support of our Institution to our students.

  • Medical Assistant AS can apply for a Certification with the National Healthcare Association (NHA).
  • Pharmacy Technicians can apply for a pharmacy technician license in Florida and Certification with the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).
  • Massage Therapy must apply for the examination board with Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx).
  • Electrologist graduates must obtain a satisfactory result in the board examination to apply for the Electrolysis license in Florida. Also can apply for the examination with the Society of Hair Removal with the calcification as Certified Clinical Electrologist, Certified Medical Electrologist or Certified laser Hair Removal Professional.
  • Skin Care graduates can apply in DBPR through Cosmetology Board for the Facial Specialist license in Florida after obtaining the Diploma of the Program,

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Developing Character, Talents and Gifts

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