Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School


Students are given both practical and theoretical tests and quizzes throughout each class. Through these methods, the teachers are able to review each student’s progress. The following is the grading scale used:

A              94% – 100%

B              81% –   93%

C              75% –   80%

F              0%   –   74%    not passing credits

All students are required to have a minimum passing score of 70 % in each course to pass. An overall grade of “C” or above is required to graduate.


Students must complete all hours required for each program. A passing grade of at least 75% must be met in all required subjects. Students meeting the above requirements will be awarded a diploma for their completed program. No diplomas or transcripts will be released to students owing a financial obligation to the Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School.


Students are expected to complete all work and assignments and maintain a minimum grade of 75% in all subjects. If a student does not make satisfactory progress, they will be require to attend academic advising with the Director of Education of Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School. Students who are not able to meet the appropriate passing grade will have their enrollment extended under academic warning. Students will remain in Academic Warning status until they are able to improve their grades.


Students who require academic advising will meet with the Education Director of Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School to discuss the need for additional tutoring or remediation.  Academic advising and tutoring are offered to all students at no additional charge.  All academic advising sessions are documented and maintained in the student’s academic files.


Additional resource materials, including professional reference books and videos, are available for student use. These materials are located in the front office of Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School and are available to all students upon request.