Accelerate your professional learning and earn an associate degree in less than a year.

    • Medical Assistant
    • Massage Therapist
    • Pharmacy Technician
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Get your diploma and apply for a license in aesthetic field with this demanded Diploma and State Board 

    • Electrolysis.
    • Skin Care Specialist.
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Get your National Certification, apply for a license in the State of Florida or obtain an approved certification in Florida

    • Electrocardiograph (EKG)
    • Body Wrapping Specialist
    • Phlebotomy Certification
    • Laser and other courses
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other courses

Improve your practical skills and knowledge through training courses, workshops and seminar with the latest technological advances.

  • Oriental Medicine.
  • Medical & Aesthetic field.
  • Board Exam Preparation/Review.
  • Leadership & personal development.

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laser hair removal  

Become certified in laser hair removal at the Laser Training Center of Florida Medical College with our training course. This course is open all to health care professionals, and all of them looking for expand their practice of laser treatments. This course will improve the knowledge and skills of our health and aesthetic professional with the latest technology in laser hair removal. .

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