Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School

Florida Medical And Aesthetic International School

Who are we?

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School is a licensed school dedicated to providing the highest quality training and education in the field of healthcare and aesthetics, offering a variety of diploma and associate of science degree programs to help students to achieve their goals and develop their character, talents, and gifts to achieve professional success in their careers.


Our graduates have earned high scores on the board exams for massage therapy, electrolysis, and national certification as Certified Clinical Medical Assistants. One in five graduates has also started their own business.

Associate Degree Programs

At Florida Medical and Aesthetic International School, This Associate Degree Program requires 91 credit hours to graduate as an Associate Medical Assistant in Science. Classes are offered in the morning and evening sessions. You can get the national CCMA certification.

In our Center, classes are offered in the morning and evening sessions. This Associate Degree Program requires 90.5 credit hours to graduate as Massage Therapy Associate in Science. A board exam is required to obtain a license in Florida.

This Associate Degree Program requires 101 credit hours to graduate as Pharmacy Management Associate in Science. You can apply for a Florida Pharmacy Technician license once the requirements have been met.

Diploma Program

Electrology Program includes classes for Electrolysis and Laser in 320 hours, 120 of them are theory and 200 for practice hours; at the end of the course, graduates must pass the examination Board to apply for a license in Florida. 

Skin Care Program is 260 hours, with theoretical and practice hours that include facial techniques, makeup, waxing, eyebrow tinting, and eyelashes extension, amount others. Graduates can apply for a License in Florida.

Board Examination

Most of our programs require that our graduates apply for licenses in Florida and pass satisfactory results on an exam from the respective Board. Applicants can access more information about the exam boards and licensure applications in the following topics.

Electrolysis Board Exam 

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School (FMAIS), offers an examination preparation course for those who have already graduated and are pending the board exam. Students from other schools are accepted.

Massage Therapy Board Exam

In the case of Massage Therapy, the examination is through the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards. Applicants must have all documents required, including a background screening with an approved Livescan provider.

Pharmacy Tech Exam Board

Our School is a Recognized Education Training Program by PTCB and graduates from the program of Pharmacy Management can apply for the Technician Certification Exam® and obtain the certification as Certified Pharmacy Technician.

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Exams

Graduates from our program of the Medical Assistants, AS Degree, can apply for the National Certification  exam for Certified Clinical Medical Assistants with the National Health Care Association.

Associate Degree Programs


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